What are the Japan-Made Beauty Awards?

The Japan-Made Beauty Awards is an event at which Awards are given to the best beauty and health products from around Japan. The judges are made up of influential figures in the Japanese beauty and health industry, buyers for store channels, beauty salons, and wholesalers who determine what are the must-have products. The top Award for excellence at the second Awards ceremony in September was given to a cosmetic product that uses Yamatocha ?a tea that has long been produced as a specialty in Nara Prefecture. This product has attracted a high degree of attention from the beauty industry, media, and other parties.

What are the Japan-Made Beauty Awards?

Report on the 2nd Japan-Made Beauty Awards

Report on the 2nd Japan-Made Beauty Awards

The second Awards ceremony featured 30 attractive products from around Japan, and an all-in one serum called “Beauty Actualizer” that includes toner, milky lotion, and beauty essence (by Crecos) received the top Award. Of this product, the judges said “The product pays special attention to the concept, ingredients, packaging, and sensation during use. Japanese women have a high degree of awareness when it comes to beauty so will likely choose this product,” (Meyumi Yamada, Director & CCO of istyle, which runs the beauty portal site @Cosme), “It has a sophisticated design and the characteristics of the product are easy to see. The fact that it clearly states the proportion of Japanese ingredients was also interesting,” (Ninako Komiya, head of Mitsukoshi Ebisu department store, owned by department store major Isetan Mitsukoshi), “It has a great balance of characteristics, texture, and price. I was very impressed by the way it leveraged the various anti-aging effects of Yamatocha extract,” (Tomomi Fujita, manager at drugstore major Tomod’s). The main ingredient of the product is Yamatocha tea, which is also a special product of Nara prefecture. The tea is grown without fertilizer or pesticides, and the product came about after 20 years of trial and error in searching for an ingredient that is good for the skin. The product was highly rated due to its potential and price as well as its background and design amongst other factors.
Although not selected for the top Award for excellence, eighit other products were given A wards including the Special Award and the Judges’ Award. These products received praise from judges, who said of them “I liked it because the concept and packaging were simple in a sophisticated way, ” (Naluq Body Oil, Fupunomori), “The sensation during use and the finish were great so i t is attractive to general consumers,” (Nursery Body Smoother Kyo-yuzu, Human Resource Communications), and “It uses an old traditional production technique from before the natural yeast boom that is not easy to replicate, and we liked the fact that it produces natural yeast and allows you to obtain it easily,” (Cobon Marvel, Daiichi Kobo).

The award winning products list (2016)

Best Award
Best Award 2016 Beauty Actualizer
Beauty Actualizer
Outstanding performance award
(Inner Beauty)
Outstanding performance award (Inner Beauty) 2016 cobon marbel
daiichikobo corporation
cobon marbel
Outstanding performance award (Inner Beauty) 2016 Jack Bean Tea /
Sword Bean Tea

Jack Bean Tea / Sword Bean Tea
Outstanding performance award
Outstanding performance award (Cosmetic) 2016 NALUQ BODY OIL
Outstanding performance award (Cosmetic) 2016 yaetoco
Special Prize
Special Prize 2016 Elements of sugarcane rice
Okinawa Ukondo Co.,Ltd.
Elements of sugarcane rice
Jury Prize
Jury Prize 2016 BambiWink
ORTHO Corporation
Jury Prize 2016 AMAZAKE + Lactic Acid

takachiho muratabi Co.,Ltd.
AMAZAKE + Lactic Acid Bacteria CHIHOMARO
Jury Prize 2016 Nursery Body Smoother
Yuzu from KYOTO

Human Resource
Communications Ltd.
Nursery Body Smoother Yuzu from KYOTO



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