“ANTI-AGEING JAPAN” is the first event in Japan that gathers the business related to the ageing-care (beauty and healthy longevity) business. It functions to convey the information regarding the latest topics and evidences from academics to the industry. Under the ageing society, ageing care products and services, such as ageing care cosmetics, supplements, ingredients and methods, gather strong interest from not only domestic buyers but also overseas.

Focussed Exhibit Zone

Anti-aging (Beauty Care & Health Care Product)
  • Ageing-care Cosmetics, Beauty Drinks and Supplements
  • Doctor-prescribed Cosmetics
  • DNA Tests and Skin Diagnosis Apparatus
  • Health Foods
  • Foods for Specified Health Use
  • ・Foods with Nutrient Function Claims
  • ・Foods with Function Claims
  • ・Health Machines and Equipment
  • ・Body Fat Measurement
  • ・thermotherapy Devices
  • ・Nutritional and Exercise Consulting and Guidance
  • ・Wellness Programmes
Regional Revitalisation Project
  • Local Government Authorities
  • Hot-spring Resorts
  • ・Health and Wellness Tourism
  • ・Accommodation Facilities and Resort Development
Japan-Made Beauty  *Entries Limited to Companies Based in Japan


  • Target Categories

  • Beauty Salon/facility, Spa, Bathing facility, Fitness/ Healthcare facility
  • Beauty Salon/facility
  •   Aesthetic Salons, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Eyelash Salons  
  • Spa, Bathing facility, Hotel, Japanese-style inn
  •   Spa, Hotels, Japanese-style inn,
  •   Resort Spa Facilities, Bathing Facilities,
  •   Theme Parks, Leisure Facilities, Tourism Related Business  
  • Fitness/Healthcare Facilities
  •   Fitness/Sports Facilities
  •   Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Manual Therapy, Chiropractic
  •   Relaxation Salons/facilities
  •   Yoga Studios  
  • Medical Facilities   
  •   Beauty Clinics, Hospitals, Clinics, Check up Clinics, Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Retailing, Mail order, Online Shopping
  • Retailing    
  •   Drugstores, Pharmacies
  •   Select Shops, Speciality Shops
  •   Department Stores, Mass Merchandisers, Convenience Stores
  •   Direct Selling, Network Marketing
    Mail order, Online shopping
  •   Internet, Catalogue, TV/Radio
  • Wholesale, Trading Companies
  •   Professional-use Products, Home-use Products
  • Others
  • Manufacturer
  •   Cosmetics, Health Foods/Supplements
  •   Ingredient, OEM, Contracted Manufacture
  •   Beauty/Healthcare equipment and goods
  •   Gifts and Promotion Materials
  • Food and beverage facility
  •  Cafe/Restaurant, Taking-in, School lunch
  • Governmental Agency, Local Government Authorities    
  • Press