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Well-beauty Style 2024

“Well-beauty Style” is a business exhibition that proposes a wellness lifestyle.
A wide range of products and services for maintaining physical and mental health will be gathered, including health and beauty equipment, food, beauty and exercise goods, and femcare items that solve women’s health issues, as well as wellness tourism, living environments, and workplace environments. In addition, as a place for information exchange to create trends and business opportunities in the market, companies and stakeholders involved in the business of “supporting the health and beauty of working women” will gather from all over the country.

  • Inner Beauty/Good Food & Sweets

    Beauty supplements&drinks (Skin care,Bowel regulation,Sleep quality,Blood flow improvement),Health&natural foods(Superfoods,Organics,etc.), Functional foods,Gluten-free,Low GI/Low sugar,Guilt-free sweets,Plant-based foods(Plant-derived),Fermented foods,Proteins,Dairy products,Nuts,Functional water,Chinese medicine,Medicinal dishes,Herbal teas,Health teas

  • Cosmetics/Equipment/ Goods(for home use)

    Cosmetics(Facials, Bodies),Men's cosmetics,Parts care(Hair,Eyelashes,Eyebrows,Oral, Hands,Nails,Feet),Health equipment,Health promotion equipment,Household medical equipment,Beauty equipment(Slimming,Hair removal,Facial beauty,etc.),Exercise equipment,Goods,Wear,Posture correction and functional underwear,Fitness,Yoga,Physical conditioning,Beauty goods

  • Femcare & Aging care

    Femcare/Femtech(Sanitary products,Absorbent shorts,Menstrual management apps,Fertility activities,Menopause support,Menopause care,Delicate zone care,etc.),Anti-aging cosmetics,Supplements,Equipment, Various services

  • Well-beauty tourism(Wellness & Beauty Tourism)

    Wellness tourism by local governments and private businesses,Wellness programs,Retreats,Activities,Fasting, New hot spring treatment,Forest walking,etc.,New businesses that utilize local resources

  • Wellness Business    (for Facilities)

    Equipment/Products/Services for health&beauty facilities(Saunas,Spas,Hot baths,Acupuncture,Manipulatives, Fitness,etc.),Sleep,Exercise, Nutrition,Mental wellness measures,Hygiene measures in public and commercial facilities,Wellness spaces(Incense,Light,Water,Air) services and facilities,Healthy urban development,Workplace environment(SDGs,Health management services),Workation

  • Japan Made Beauty

    Japan Made Beauty Award Entry companies,Cosmetics from the region,Beauty&health foods and services,Projects

  • Well-beauty Factory (Materials,OEM,Packs)

    OEM/Contract Manufacturing(Cosmetics,Food, Equipment),Raw Materials/Materials,Containers, Packaging,Sustainable/Ethical Materials,Product planning,Development services,Production

  • Well-beauty DX & Business Support

    Beauty Tech/Health Tech,Apps,Various measurement devices,Business solutions,IoT/Al/Bigdata utilization services,VR/AR,Metaverse,SNS Support,Customer attraction/Reservation system,Customer management,Payment,EC site support,Inbound services,Academies/Venture institutions(Research institutes,Education/Qualifications)

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Diet & Beauty Fair 2024

The “Diet & Beauty Fair” is a business exhibition that brings together professionals involved in aesthetic medicine, including cosmetics and beauty equipment, beauty facilities such as esthetics, and beauty clinics.
In addition to business negotiations, companies and stakeholders involved in the business of “supporting the health and beauty of working women” gather from all over the country as a place for information exchange that creates trends and business opportunities in the market.

  • Cosmetics  (Professional Use) 

    Serum,Lotion,Cream,Peeling,Oil,Milky lotion,Hair,Eyelashes,Eyebrows,Oral, Hands,Nails,Feet,Men's esthetics

  • Beauty Equipment (Professional Use) 

    Cavitation,EMS,RF,Poration,Hair removal equipment,Steamers, Heat mats,Beauty salon light LEDs,Electric brushes,Whitening,Hydrogen equipment,Oxygen capsules

  • Treatment & Beauty Methods

    Slimming, Hair removal, Facial beauty, Diet programs, Head spas, etc.

  • Products for Salon

    Consumables, Immediate sales,Other equipment,Inner beauty (Beauty supplements,Drinks,Functional foods),Femcare and Femtech,OEM/Contract manufacturing,Sales promotion/Business support

  • Cosmetics & Beauty Equipment(for Aesthetic Medicine)

    Beauty medical devices,Clinic exclusive cosmetics and Supplements,Clinic Equipment and Services

  • Anti-aging

    Anti-aging cosmetics(Stem cell supernatant,NMN,Retinol,etc.), Equipment,Supplements, Functional foods,Various testing and analysis services

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