18% of Working women keep their gut healthy

Well-beauty Style Council implemented the survey of 5 activities(Raise body temperature/Keep Gut healthy/Good quality sleep/Strengthen Bone/Work out) to 500 working Japanese women who are 30 years old to 50 years old. 18% of Working women implement to keep their gut healthy and this is the highest rates in 5 activities. Gut connects body parts through nerves and relates skin, muscle and brain health.

<Keep Gut healthy>

Beauty supplements & Foods & Drinks(Super foods, Natural foods, Yogurt, Fermented foods, Functional ingredients), Gut health program, Test kit

Retailers(Department stores, select shops, Supermarkets, Health & Natural food stores and Drug stores), Wholesalers, E-commerce, Fitness club, Esthetics, Beauty facilities, Chiropractic, Relaxation salon, Spa facilities, Hot baths, Hotels, Inns, Leisure facilities, Resort facilities, Medical facilities, Health facilities, Manufacturer, Press

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