“DIET & BEAUTY FAIR” is the biggest beauty and health industry show held in autumn, and gathers the key people and respective buyers into one place. The fair is now in its 20th year.

Focussed Exhibit Zone

Cosmetics & Beauty Equipment (Professional Use/Home Use)
  • Cosmetics
  • Beauty Care Products for Face and Body
  • Mineral Cosmetics
  • Hair and Scalp-care Products
  • Methods of Facial and Body Treatment
  • ・Nail Care and Eyelash Products
  • ・Cosmetics for Men
  • ・Facial Devices
  • ・Slimming Products and Devices
  • ・Depilatory Products and Devices
Beautiful Body-Making
  • Skeletal and Pelvic Distortion
    Correction Method
  • Corrective and Functional Underwear
  • Diet and Exercise Machines
  • Exercise and Fitness Progtammes
  • Body Measuring Equipment
  • ・Yoga and Conditioning Guidance/Workouts
  • ・Sports Apparel, Shoes and Related Goods
  • Diet Foods
  • Supplements
  • Low Calorie Foods
  • ・Foods with Function Claims
  • ・Nutritional and Exercise Consulting/Guidance
    ・Restricted Carbohydrate Foods
Inner Beauty
  • Healthy and Beauty Foods
    (Superfoods, Natural and Organic Foods)
  • ・Beauty Drinks and Supplements
  • ・Macrobiotics
  • ・Traditional Foods
  • ・Chinese Medical Cuisine
  • ・Foods with Function Claims
  • Anti-aging Ingredients and
    Raw Materials (Anti-glycation, Anti-oxidation
    and so on)
  • OEM and Contact of Manufacturing of
    Cosmetics or Health Foods
  • ・OEM and Contact of Manufacturing of
     Beauty and Health Products/Devices
  • ・Packaging
Consumable Goods/Spot Sales (Professional Use)
  • Beauty and Health Goods and supplies
  • Consumable Supplies (Spot Sales)
  • Uniforms
  • Towel
  • ・Furniture and Fixtures
  • ・Support Service for Sole Trader/Independent/
  •  Franchise/ Sales representatives
Beauty/Health Tech
  • AI, Big-data Utilization Service
  • Various Applications
  • SNS support
  • ・Skin or Stress State Measurement
  • ・Check-up Equipment
  • ・digital Healthcare
  • ・Beauty Equipment
Business Support/Franchise & Sales Promotion
  • Marketing/Driving Salon Traffic Support and
    Reservation Systems
  • Gifts and Promotion Materials
  • Customer Management Systems/POS System
  • ・Billing and Settlement Systems
  • ・Building e-commerce Website
  • ・Management consulting
  • ・Contract management
  • ・Operations and Service for Inbound Visitors
  • ・Shop Design and Construction
  • Target Categories

  • Beauty Salon/facility, Spa, Bathing facility, Fitness/ Healthcare facility
  • Beauty Salon/facility
  •   Aesthetic Salons, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Eyelash Salons  
  • Spa, Bathing facility, Hotel, Japanese-style inn
  •   Spa, Hotels, Japanese-style inn,
  •   Resort Spa Facilities, Bathing Facilities,
  •   Theme Parks, Leisure Facilities, Tourism Related Business  
  • Fitness/Healthcare Facilities
  •   Fitness/Sports Facilities
  •   Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Manual Therapy, Chiropractic
  •   Relaxation Salons/facilities
  •   Yoga Studios  
  • Medical Facilities   
  •   Beauty Clinics, Hospitals, Clinics, Check up Clinics, Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Retailing, Mail order, Online Shopping
  • Retailing    
  •   Drugstores, Pharmacies
  •   Select Shops, Speciality Shops
  •   Department Stores, Mass Merchandisers, Convenience Stores
  •   Direct Selling, Network Marketing
    Mail order, Online shopping
  •   Internet, Catalogue, TV/Radio
  • Wholesale, Trading Companies
  •   Professional-use Products, Home-use Products
  • Others
  • Manufacturer
  •   Cosmetics, Health Foods/Supplements
  •   Ingredient, OEM, Contracted Manufacture
  •   Beauty/Healthcare equipment and goods
  •   Gifts and Promotion Materials
  • Food and beverage facility
  •  Cafe/Restaurant, Taking-in, School lunch
  • Governmental Agency, Local Government Authorities    
  • Press