Event programme related to female health and presymptomatic healthcare

Sponsor: Kanagawa Prefecture "Association for ME-BYO (presymptomatic healthcare) Industry Creation"


“WELLNESS INDUSTRY SHOW” is a new area of the exhibition that brings together products and services that support women's healthy lifestyles and presymptomatic healthcare.

Products and services covered:

  • Health foods, supplements
  • Natural & organic foods
  • ・Nutritive functional foods
  • ・Nutrition instruction programs
  • ・Ingredients, OEM,
  • contract manufacturing
Healthcare products and support
  • Healthcare products and support
  • Exercise & conditioning support
  • ・Sleep support
Female health, presymptomatic healthcare
  • Menstruation
  • Fertility treatments
  • ・Postnatal care
  • ・Menopause support
  • Target Categories

  • Beauty Salon/facility, Spa, Bathing facility, Fitness/ Healthcare facility
  • Beauty Salon/facility
  •   Aesthetic Salons, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Eyelash Salons  
  • Spa, Bathing facility, Hotel, Japanese-style inn
  •   Spa, Hotels, Japanese-style inn,
  •   Resort Spa Facilities, Bathing Facilities,
  •   Theme Parks, Leisure Facilities, Tourism Related Business  
  • Fitness/Healthcare Facilities
  •   Fitness/Sports Facilities
  •   Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Manual Therapy, Chiropractic
  •   Relaxation Salons/facilities
  •   Yoga Studios  
  • Medical Facilities   
  •   Beauty Clinics, Hospitals, Clinics, Check up Clinics, Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Retailing, Mail order, Online Shopping
  • Retailing    
  •   Drugstores, Pharmacies
  •   Select Shops, Speciality Shops
  •   Department Stores, Mass Merchandisers, Convenience Stores
  •   Direct Selling, Network Marketing
    Mail order, Online shopping
  •   Internet, Catalogue, TV/Radio
  • Wholesale, Trading Companies
  •   Professional-use Products, Home-use Products
  • Others
  • Manufacturer
  •   Cosmetics, Health Foods/Supplements
  •   Ingredient, OEM, Contracted Manufacture
  •   Beauty/Healthcare equipment and goods
  •   Gifts and Promotion Materials
  • Food and beverage facility
  •  Cafe/Restaurant, Taking-in, School lunch
  • Governmental Agency, Local Government Authorities    
  • Press