Measures against COVID 19

You are asked to cooperate with the following prevention measures against COVID-19.

1) Frequent hand sterilization
2) Wear a mask at all times
3) Temperature measurement at the entrance
4) Entry controls to the event to limit the number of visitors
5) Keeping physical distance from other participants
6) Pre-registration on the website required for all visitors

Prevention Measures at the Venue by the Organiser

At the entrance

  • ・Information panels will be set up around the venue
    ・A nurse will be on station at the venue at all times
  • ・Enhanced ventilation of the exhibition halls and seminar rooms

・Temperature measurement at the entrance
・Installation of hand sanitizing stations

・Pre-registration required for all visitors

・Avoiding close contact with staff by installing acrylic partitions at reception counters





In the venue

・Regular cleaning and disinfection
・All attendees and staff required to wear a mask at all times


In the seminar room

・Installation of acrylic partitions between seminar speakers and audience
・Ensuring social distancing within seminar rooms