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At the Diet & Beauty Fair, the slogan is "Supporting the health of working women," and focuses on two themes .

【Heat, Circulation, Intestinal & Bacterial Health Therapies】


With the growing awareness of health, an increasing number of people are engaged in health promotion activities aimed at improving lifestyles and preventing lifestyle diseases. 

We focus on "Heat, Circulation, Intestinal & Bacterial Health Therapies", such as 温活(Heat therapy), 血活(Improving the circulation), 腸活(Improvement of intestinal environment) and 菌活(Good bacteria for health).

Industries that support women with worries such as "physiology" "pregnancy" "child-rearing" and "menopause" are attracting attention. The global market size is supposed to reach 5 trillion yen in 2025. In the future, as products and services become more familiar and permeate society, we will send out the forefront of "Femcare / Femtech" that will advance to the next stage.

Target: Products and services that can be expected to have the effect of preventing of "coldness (blood circulation failure)" and support for improving metabolism, improving the intestinal environment, and grow / increase bacterium in the body
Target: Products and services that support women with worries peculiar to women

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Promote your products to your key target buyers via keynote speech.

A showcase will be set up in the exhibition hall to appeal to visitors

※H 500mm×W 500mm×D 475mm)

③Extensive promotion to trade press, in printed materials and on website.

Keynote Seminars on "2021 Focus Theme"


  • Immunity and "Nutrition"
  • Medical Director, Akasaka Family Clinic / Pediatrician, Public Health Specialist (MPH), The University of Tokyo Hospital  Mitsuko Ito

Immunity and “Sleep”

Director of the Tokyo fatigue and sleep clinic  Osami Kajimoto

Femcare / Femtech
  • Outlook for Women’s health and Femtech

    Tenrai inc CEO  Dr. Risa Kirimura


  • The Frontline of Femtech ~ Market analysis

    pilot boat LLC Jumpei Notomi


  • Optimal protein intake by purpose

    Tokyo Skin & Plastic Surgery Clinic  Shie Matsumiya


  • Incorporating protein into your daily diet

    Nutritionist / Representative Director of Japan Nutrition Foods Association  Marie Akisawa

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