All the seminars in 2017 are over.

Anti-glycation is a keyword in the era of anti-ageing. Accumulation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) within the body due to glycation stress contributes to ageing as well as outbreak and advancement of diseases such as diabetes, etc. After the big hit of anti-glycation cosmetics a few years ago, through the AGEs boom in TV health programmes, the eating order diet and limited sugar diets, there has come to be greater recognition of anti-glycation. This seminar will be held as a kick-off event to promote correct understanding of “glycation” in the healthy and beauty industry as well as expansion of the anti-glycation product market. “Anti-glycation” will be explained by three individuals who have been engaged in glycation research for a long time and offer differing perspectives.

  • September 11 (Mon) 11:50~12:50

    Cellulite treatment for Spas

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Pamela Adkins, CIDESCO International Board, Education, CIDESCO-NIPPON Special Adviser
    Michiyo Kasahara, CIDESCO-NIPPON Board Member
    Mari Horiguchi, CIDESCO-NIPPON Board Member

    Many people visit salons to receive treatments for fluid retention, cellulite, and excessive fat. Thus,
    we will focus on these conditions and explain the reasons, mechanisms, and how to analyze these
    conditions during the consultation.
    Furthermore, we will introduce some of the treatment plans and homecare advice recommended
    by CIDESCO International with a cellulite care demonstration.
    • Pamela Adkins
    • Michiyo Kasahara
    • Mari Horiguchi
  • September 11 (Mon) 13:10~14:10

    “The Front Line of Anti-aging”

    ANTI-AGEING JAPAN commemorative event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    The latest in anti-ageingTopics of the 17th meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

    Ryuichi Morishita
    Ryuichi Morishita,
    Professor, Department of Clinical Gene Therapy, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University/Vice President, NPO Japan Anti-Aging Foundation
    Anti-ageing in appearance :
    how to age beautifully

    Nobuyuki Shioya
    Nobuyuki Shioya,
    Professor Emeritus, Kitasato University/President, NPO Anti-
    Aging Network
  • September 11 (Mon) 16:00~17:00

    Spa Crystal Award Ceremony 2017

    • Co-hosted by : Conceptasia Managemnt and Consulting Ltd / SPA & WELLNESS JAPAN

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    “Spa Crystal Award” - Japan’s only spa award.

    Who will take the prize this year? You’ll find it out at this ceremony with the announcement and handing over of the “Crystal Award” – the highest award in Japan’s spa industry.

    General votes for the Crystal Award can be made from
    • Award ceremony for last year’s top spa
      (L’ESPACE YON-KA Omotesando)
  • September 12 (Tue) 11:50~12:50

    Effective diet guidance in health and beauty facilities in areas such as aesthetic salon and fitness

    4th Diet Forum

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Coordinator : Yumi Date
    Dietician / Japanese Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine Certified Instructor

    Guest:Yuko Metsuke,
    Anti-Ageing medical Spa S-QOL, Dietitian
    Mayumi Nakayama,
    Slim Beauty House Academy, Instructor, AEA Certified Instructor, AJESTHE Instructor
    • Yumi Date
    • Yuko Metsuke
    • Mayumi Nakayama
  • September 12 (Tue) 13:10~14:40

    Finding the next hit from regional health and beauty resources!

    3rd Japan-made Beauty Awards - Commemorative event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Part 1 Ceremony for award for excellence
    Part 2 Cosmetics meeting
    Talk about award results and trends of 2017
    Coordinator : Meyumi Yamada
    Executive Director, Chief Quality Officer, istyle Inc.

    Guest : Tomomi Fujita,
    Pharmacist Manager Merchandising
    Takako Nabekawa,
    beauty journalist
    • Meyumi Yamada
    • Tomomi Fujita
    • Takako Nabekawa


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