All the seminars in 2017 are over.

  • September 11 (Mon) 11:50~12:50

    Cellulite treatment for Spas

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Pamela Adkins, CIDESCO International Board, Education, CIDESCO-NIPPON Special Adviser
    Michiyo Kasahara, CIDESCO-NIPPON Board Member
    Mari Horiguchi, CIDESCO-NIPPON Board Member

    Many people visit salons to receive treatments for fluid retention, cellulite, and excessive fat. Thus,
    we will focus on these conditions and explain the reasons, mechanisms, and how to analyze these
    conditions during the consultation.
    Furthermore, we will introduce some of the treatment plans and homecare advice recommended
    by CIDESCO International with a cellulite care demonstration.
    • Pamela Adkins
    • Michiyo Kasahara
    • Mari Horiguchi
  • September 11 (Mon) 13:10~14:10

    “The Front Line of Anti-aging”

    ANTI-AGEING JAPAN commemorative event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    The latest in anti-ageingTopics of the 17th meeting of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine

    Ryuichi Morishita
    Ryuichi Morishita,
    Professor, Department of Clinical Gene Therapy, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University/Vice President, NPO Japan Anti-Aging Foundation
    Anti-ageing in appearance :
    how to age beautifully

    Nobuyuki Shioya
    Nobuyuki Shioya,
    Professor Emeritus, Kitasato University/President, NPO Anti-
    Aging Network
  • September 11 (Mon) 16:00~17:00

    Spa Crystal Award Ceremony 2017

    • Co-hosted by : Conceptasia Managemnt and Consulting Ltd / SPA & WELLNESS JAPAN

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    “Spa Crystal Award” - Japan’s only spa award.

    Who will take the prize this year? You’ll find it out at this ceremony with the announcement and handing over of the “Crystal Award” – the highest award in Japan’s spa industry.

    General votes for the Crystal Award can be made from
    • Award ceremony for last year’s top spa
      (L’ESPACE YON-KA Omotesando)
  • September 12 (Tue) 11:50~12:50

    Effective diet guidance in health and beauty facilities in areas such as aesthetic salon and fitness

    4th Diet Forum

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Coordinator : Yumi Date
    Dietician / Japanese Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine Certified Instructor

    Guest:Yuko Metsuke,
    Anti-Ageing medical Spa S-QOL, Dietitian
    Mayumi Nakayama,
    Slim Beauty House Academy, Instructor, AEA Certified Instructor, AJESTHE Instructor
    • Yumi Date
    • Yuko Metsuke
    • Mayumi Nakayama
  • September 12 (Tue) 13:10~14:40

    Finding the next hit from regional health and beauty resources!

    3rd Japan-made Beauty Awards - Commemorative event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Part 1 Ceremony for award for excellence
    Part 2 Cosmetics meeting
    Talk about award results and trends of 2017
    Coordinator : Meyumi Yamada
    Executive Director, Chief Quality Officer, istyle Inc.

    Guest : Tomomi Fujita,
    Pharmacist Manager Merchandising
    Takako Nabekawa,
    beauty journalist
    • Meyumi Yamada
    • Tomomi Fujita
    • Takako Nabekawa
  • September 11 (Mon) 9:30~11:30

    7th Beauty & Wellness Summit “Beauty and health services shining in a society of lifetime activity”

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    1. Initiatives for creation of a healthcare business for a society of lifetime activity

    Yoshihide Esaki,
    Deputy Director-General Commerce and Service Policy Group, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

    2. Significance of population decrease: impact on the health and beauty industry

    Akira Morita,
    Professor, Department of Policy Studies, College of Policy Studies, Tsuda University
    • Yoshihide Esaki
    • Akira Morita
    ≪Panel Discussion≫

    Change and continuation of activities Introduction of advanced initiatives in the next-generation healthcare industry

    Diet app developer :
    Mikiko Michie (Dietician), Asken Division manager, WIT Co., Ltd.
    Urban developer using body data:
    Tomohiro Umeda, Professor, Doctor of Med. Master of MOT (Management of Tech), Center for Academic, Industrial and Governmental Relations
    Guest /Total health promotion implementer
    Mitsuko Itoh (MD,MPH), Pediatrician, The University of Tokyo Hospital
    Visiting Researcher, Department of Public Health/Health Policy, The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine Director, Akasaka Family Clinic,Chair, NPO Corporation, Healthy Children, Healthy Lives

    Coordinator : Atsushi Ebuchi, Chief editor, monthly magazine Diet & Beauty
    • Mikiko Michie
    • Tomohiro Umeda
    • Mitsuko Itoh
  • September 12 (Tue) 9:30~11:30

    9th Spa Symposium “Thinking about the future of spas and hot springs”

    • Co-hosted by: NPO Nippon Spa Association

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Part 1 9:30-10:30 Keynote Speech

    1. Schemes to make Japan a tourist destination
    Establishment of new tourism using health and beauty
    Yuuya Ota
    Deputy Director of Tourism Resources Division,Regional Development Department,Japan Tourism Agency

    2. Creating prosperity in hot spring areas
    Total application of cuisine, nature and history
    Mai Yamamoto
    Director, Office for Hot Spring Conservation and Utilization, Nature Conservation Bureau, Ministry of the Environment
    • Yuuya Ota
    • Mai Yamamoto
    Part 2 10:30-11:30 Panel Discussion
    Considering the future of the Japanese spa business

    Tomoaki Okada,
    President, NPO Nippon Spa Association
    Michihiko Nakamura,
    director All Japan Ryokan Hotel Association
    Coordinator : Atsushi Ebuchi, Chief editor, monthly magazine Diet & Beauty
    • Tomoaki Okada
    • Michihiko Nakamura
  • September 12 (Tue) 11:50~12:50

    6th Spa Professional Conference of 100 ”Requested form of spas as a turism-oriented country and a potential spa in IR markets."

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Guest: Lisa Starr,
    Senior Consultant, Wynne Business, Consulting Initiative, Contributing Editor, Dayspa Magazine

    Coordinator: Yoriko Soma,
    CEO, Conceptasia Management and Consulting Ltd.
    *Consecutive interpretation
  • September 12 (Tue) 12:00~13:20

    Keynote Speech 1 "Glycation is ageing" consideration based on the latest research

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Masayuki Yagi, Ph.D,
    Professor,Glycative Stress Research Center, Faculty of Life and Medical Sciences, DOSHISHA UNIVERSITY
    He has evaluated anti-glycation effects in more than 500 types of food materials to date. Here, we introduce the latest examples from research publications and look for the potential in anti-glycation commodification. Mr. Yagi will explain how anti-glycation is at last the stage of being disassembled rather than suppressed.
  • September 12 (Tue) 14:00~15:20

    Keynote Speech 2 "Significance of AGEs measurement Lifestyle diseases and preventative functional foods, and related evaluation methods"

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Ryuji Nagai, Ph.D
    Professor, Department of Bioscience, School of Agriculture, Tokai University

    AGEs are substances formed by glycation of proteins, contributing to the development of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, senility and arteriosclerosis. The AGEs sensor non-invasively applies light to the fingertips, calculates a score correlating to the accumulated volume of AGEs contained in the blood, and if this sensor spreads to medical institutions and pharmacies, etc., it will be useful in preventing lifestyle diseases as well as in the development and spread of functional foods and supplements that can inhibit the formation of AGEs.
  • September 13 (Wed) 12:00~13:10

    Keynote Speech 3 "Anti-glycation and cosmetics POLA, from the scene of ‘B.A.’ development"

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.


    “B.A.” was created in 1985. This term means “bioactive”. It is based on the theory that “the starting point for beautiful skin is to draw out the maximum strength of the skin”. One of the main reasons behind its huge success is that it enabled approaches to tackle adult women’s three main skin complaints: wrinkles, sagging, and dullness. It was later upgraded, and in 2010 a full line of lotions to creams was released. The current generation is the 4th generation. The aim is to approach skin trouble and to achieve anti-ageing as a prevention. Here Mr. Tada will particularly explain “anti-glycation”.
  • September 11 (Mon) 11:50 ~ 12:20

    Breast lymph

    Special event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Yuko Okahashi
    Representative Director of NPO Smile Body Network

    Women long to have a beautiful décolletage. Use lymph massage and stretching with “Palm mitten”, everaging anatomical physiology to cleanly reduce armpit thickness and swelling. This is a 30-minute session for women, including breast care to protect your valuable breasts.
  • September 11 (Mon) 12:40~13:10

    Kaneko stretch, technique to make beautiful body and effect in sales

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Tadashi Kaneko
    Japan Stretch Trainer School

    Mr. Tadashi Kaneko is a charismatic stretch trainer with 20 stretch studios nationwide and many ppearances on television and in magazines. Experience the beautiful body effects of Kaneko stretch and learn of shortcuts to this popular salon!
    • Tadashi Kaneko
  • September 11 (Mon) 13:30~14:00

    Hourglass-body Method

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Hiroko Mori
    Product Innovator Solaina Co., Ltd.

    Muscle is important in maintaining feminine curves that transcend age. Here we propose a workout and new nutrition intake wisdom to produce an ageless body shaped like an hourglass, with a trim waistline and round hips and breast.

    Ms. Hiroko Mori, product innovator at Solaina Co., Ltd. Providing body-making guidance and media and publishing a book entitled “Posing diet with 8-second physical exercises” (published by Shufunotomo).
  • September 11 (Mon) 15:10~15:40

    Myofascial release - the hot topic of the moment! “Miracle multitasking (simultaneous stimulation) myofascial release treatment!”

    Special Stage

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Shushi Kiuchi
    Executive Trainer,Japan Thai TraditionalMassage Association(JTTMA)

    When you know about myofascial tissue connection, dramatic changes are accomplished with medical treatment. Based on that myofascial structure, we will tell you about multitasking myofascial release treatment, which simultaneously approaches multiple positions and overturns conventional treatment concepts.
  • September 11 (Mon) 16:00~16:30

    Beauty and youthfulness start with attitude: Learn your appearance age with a simple check!

    Special event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Yukari Kakuta
    Director, NESTA JAPAN

    Experience a simple check with which you can know your appearance age, first analyze your own condition, and put into practice eating, lifestyle and simple exercises so that you can be young and beautiful even as you age. Participants will surely enjoy this session.
    • Yukari Kakuta
  • September 12 (Tue) 11:00~11:30

    Resolve “stiff shoulders” and “stagnation” in just 5 minutes! Simple mindfulness work that you can remember by practicing

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Tokiko Inoue
    Japanese Society of Anti-aging certified anti-aging planner

    Mindfulness is the act of becoming aware of what you are personally experiencing right here at this very moment. Here, we will introduce simple physical exercises combining mindfulness breathing and linked spine, shoulder blade and head work. We hope that you will remember what you have learns always maintain a fresh body and smile for yourself and others around you.
    • Tokiko Inoue
  • September 12 (Tue) 11:50~12:20

    Become beautiful through traditional Thai massage! - Extremely practical techniques to trim pelvis in three minutes?!

    Special event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Shushi Kiuchi
    Executive Trainer, Japan Thai Traditional Massage Association (JTTMA)

    With the theme of “Become beautiful with ancient Thai massage!”, you can also watch a demonstration by Mr. Kiuchi, Japan Thai Traditional Massage Association, of a super-practical technique for producing pelvic beauty using ancient Thai massage in just 3 minutes.
  • September 12 (Tue) 12:40~13:10

    Three things you must not do when dieting

    Special event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Sawako Ikeda
    Top female trainer in Japan

    Dieting without becoming beautiful cannot be described as a success. Each individual has a unique body. Correct posture and beautiful motion are required. We will teach you about these aspects together with practical exercises.
    • Sawako Ikeda
  • September 12 (Tue) 13:30~14:00

    Bridal aesthetic beauty, décolletage and upper arm slimming

    • Rey Beauty Health Lb.,Ltd.

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Rey Beauty Health Lb.,Ltd.

    This beauty massage has been produced from care of 180,000 people over a period of 43 years. This form of care is popular because any part of the body can be reduced by 1-4cm in a single session. Here we introduce the popular “upper arm -1cm slimming” and “distinct collarbone” forms of care.
  • September 12 (Tue) 14:20~14:50

    Ayurveda scalp beauty treatment


    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Dai Ayusawa, Ph.D.
    Emeritus Professor, Yokohama City University
    Akane Ise
    Chairperson, SALON DE MILANA /
    MILANA acupuncture
    The head has many acupuncture points. By stimulating these acupuncture points in the head, scalp metabolism and circulation are improved, and hair nurturing is strong and glossy. There are also hopes for hair loss prevention.
    • Dai Ayusawa
    • Akane Ise
  • September 12 (Tue) 15:10~15:40

    Time of the Multi-Esthetician!

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.


    Time is changing today, robot will be used on a daily basis.Esthetic also will be changing and reforming.It is not only facial and body skill section, in the future it will be MULTI ?ESTHETICIAN who is a lot of sections to be able to do skillful. I lecture problems market of Esthetic and solving in the future. Have a fun and showing your interest!!
    • Takako Chobara
  • September 12 (Tue) 16:00~16:30

    Beauty and youthfulness start with attitude: Learn your appearance age with a simple check!

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Yukari Kakuta
    Director, NESTA JAPAN

    Experience a simple check with which you can know your appearance age, first analyze your own condition, and put into practice eating, lifestyle and simple exercises so that you can be young and beautiful even as you age. Participants will surely enjoy this session.
    • Yukari Kakuta
  • September 13 (Wed) 11:50~12:20

    Female body structuring course to change menopause into a time of good fortune

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Kaori Kobayashi
    Non-Profit Organization fit
    for mother japan Chairman,
    Women’body & mind Educational
    Menopause tends to have a significantly negative image for women. Not only does this period give a sense that the body is weakening, but it is also a time when women are afflicted with various symptoms. However, menopause is a path that all women pass along, and it is by no means a terrible time. Women’s bodies change through various stages - puberty, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause - but the way in which one lives during each period affects the next stage. Here, we will talk about menopause and introduce body structuring techniques that can prepare you for the next stage.
  • September 13 (Wed) 12:40~13:10

    New proposal for cutting out sugar! Whey and soy “Protein Sweets®”

    Special event

    All the seminars in 2017 are over.

    Shiho Yamazaki
    Protein cuisine researcher

    If you want to cut your sugar intake, it is ecommended that you actively take in protein. High-protein, low-sugar sweets using soy and whey protein powder are introduced from the new book entitled “Sugar-off sweet recipes” (published by Geibunsha) released in 2017.
    • Shiho Yamazaki


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