“Beauty”, “Anti-Ageing” and “Wellness” are three key market drivers that are fuelling the healthy life industry sector in Japan. This sector is forecast to continue to show strong growth in Japan, creating a buoyant environment for both imports and exports. As the leading professional media company in the Japanese health and beauty industry, with both exhibitions and publications, UBM can fully support your objectives of meeting buyers and promoting your company in this exciting market. If you have innovative and high-quality products, you are certain to find buyers at the exhibition who wish to import them into Japan or partner with you.

General information

Venue Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center,
West Halls 1 and 2, Atrium space
Date 10-12 September 2018,
10:00 - 17:00
First deadline date:30 March 2018
Second deadline date:31 May 2018

Three Benefits from Exhibiting

We can provide you with support to achieve your objectives at the exhibition through our extensive knowledge as the leading professional media company in this industry.

  • 1
    The shows provide you unmatched opportunities to develop new business
    Over 27,000 buyers and professionals from the beauty and health industry will attend the exhibitions.
    The exhibitions provide you with the opportunity to strengthen relationships with your business partners and develop new sales channels.
  • 2
    Announce your new products and services to the market
    Make use of exhibitor seminars or stage events to announce the launch of your new products and services.
    These options are highly effective in reaching the attention of Professional buyers and the media.
  • 3
    Promote your products and services to a wide-range of buyers
    We will undertake extensive promotional campaigns to invite leading companies, key buyers, opinion leaders and the media to attend the exhibition. Your participation in the show will promote awareness of your brand in the Japanese market and beyond.
Other objectives
The exhibition is the perfect platform for suppliers of ingredients and OEM services, as well as services to the industry such as treatment programmes, sales promotion tools, and management systems.

Exhibit Zones

  • Beauty Care Product
    Ageing-care cosmetics, beauty drinks and supplements, alternative therapies and treatments, Ayurvedic products, beauty equipment and devices, doctor-prescribed cosmetics, DNA tests and skin diagnosis apparatus
  • Ingredient / OEM
    Anti-ageing ingredients and raw materials (anti-glycation, anti-oxidation and so on), OEM and contract manufacturing of cosmetics, health foods, beauty and health products and devices, packaging
  • Health Care Product
    Health foods, foods for specified health uses, foods with nutrient function claims, foods with function claims, health machines and equipment, body fat measurement, check-up equipment, digital healthcare, thermotherapy devices, nutritional and exercise consulting and guidance, and wellness programmes
  • Regional revitalisation project
    Local government authorities, hot-spring resorts, anti-ageing tourism, medical tourism, health and wellness tourism, accommodation facilities and resort development
  • Spa Equipment for Hotels, Spa & Bathing Facility
    Spa and sauna devices and equipment, bathtubs, showers, linens, amenities, management consulting, contracted management and operations and services for inbound visitors
  • Natural & Spa Product
    Foreign brand cosmetics, treatment products, natural and organic cosmetics,aromatherapy-related products and body care products
  • Home Spa Product
    Bath agents, relaxation machines and goods, healing goods, bedding goods for a healthy pleasant sleep, mental care, therapy and music
  • Cosmetics & Beauty Equipment (Professional Use / Home Use)
    Cosmetics, beauty care products for face and body, mineral cosmetics, hair and scalp-care products, methods of facial and body treatments, nail care and eyelash products, cosmetics for men, facial devices, slimming and depilatory products and devices, uniforms, shop design and construction
  • Diet
    Diet foods, supplements, low calorie foods, foods with function claims, nutritional and exercise consulting and guidance and restricted carbohydrate foods
  • Inner Beauty
    Beauty drinks and supplements, healthy and beauty foods (superfoods, natural and organic foods), macrobiotics, traditional foods, Chinese medicinal cuisine and foods with function claims
  • Product for Salon Operated by Sole Proprietor / Small Salon
    Merchandise and expendable supplies that are sold and delivered in small lots,beauty and health goods and supplies, consumable supplies (spot sales), furniture and fixtures, support service for sole trader set up and independent, franchise and sales representatives
  • Beautiful Body-Making
    Skeletal and pelvic distortion correction methods and beauty treatments, corrective and functional underwear, diet and exercise machines, exercise and fitness programmes, yoga and conditioning guidance and workouts, sports apparel, shoes, and related goods
  • Business Support / Franchise & Sales Representative
    Marketing and driving salon traffic support and reservation systems, novelty goods and promotion materials, customer management systems, POS systems, billing and settlement systems and building e-commerce websites
  • Japan-Made Beauty
    Beauty products that utilise regional resources (Entries limited to companies based in Japan.)

Visitor category by industry (Buyers in the beauty and health industry)

Beauty & Healthcare Wellness Facilitiy
  1. Beauty salonAesthetic salons, hair salons, nail salons and eyelash salons
  2. Spa, bathing facility, hotel and Japanese-style inn
    Spas, hotels, Japanese-style inns, resort spa facilities, bathing facilities, theme parks, leisure facilities and wellness tourism
  3. Fitness and sports facility
    Fitness clubs, sports facilities, acupuncture and moxibustion, osteopathic and other manual therapeutics, chiropractic, relaxation salons and yoga studios
  4. Medical and healthcare facility
    Beauty clinics, hospitals, clinics, medical check-up clinics and rehabilitation facilities
Distributor / Merchandiser
  1. Retail store
    Drugstores, pharmacies, select shops, speciality shops, department stores, mass merchandisers,convenience stores, direct selling, network marketing, apparels and a variety of stores
  2. Mail order and internet sellerInternet, catalogues, TV and radio
  3. Wholesale and trading companyProfessional-use and home-use products
  1. Manufacturer
    Cosmetics, health foods, beauty equipment devices, OEMs
  2. Governmental agency and local government unit
  3. Press, writer and other news media

Schedule for the show (please contact the organiser for further details)

  1. 1
    Request information about exhibiting.
  2. 2
    Discuss your requirements with the organiser.
  3. 3
    Decide your booth location and whether you would require optional decorations.
    * Recommend choices for optional booth decorations.
  4. 4
    Submit the completed application form.
    * Before submitting your application, make sure you confirm the procedures and requirements when exporting your products to Japan.
  5. 5
    Complete payment by the prescribed date indicated on the invoice.
  6. 6
    Receive the exhibitor’s manual, furniture catalogue, exhibitor’s badges, admission tickets and venue guide.
  7. 7
    Decide your exhibition strategy and management scheme.
  8. 8
    Submit the various documents and forms.
    * Compulsory, and should you require something optional, please submit by the prescribed date.
  9. 9
    Move-in day
    (9 September)
  10. 10
    Exhibit at the show
    (10-12 September)
  11. 11
    Post-show sales follow-up


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